My name is Rosemary Jennings and I am from the beautiful Island of Barbados, West Indies where I received most of my education. I have worked as an Executive Administrator for many years before becoming self-employed as a certified Personal Trainer. Although, I loved my job I felt I had more to offer as a ISSA Certified Personal Trainer. I was introduced to the sport by an old scholar (Aereal Johnson) who was very persistent in transforming my body into that of a bodybuilder and the rest is history. At the conception of my bodybuilding career I was determine to become a professional bodybuilder, which I accomplished after competing four (4) years as a amateur on July 27, 2002 at the NPC USA held in Las Vegas.

odybuilding is a very dedicated sport and in order to be the greatest bodybuilder one have to be consistent with their training and nutrition, motivated and focused. My goal in bodybuilding is to compete on the professional level and win Ms. Olympia.

could not have done this without the guidance of God, and the support from my family, friends and fans. Betty Moore has also been a tremendous help in my bodybuilding career. She assisted me with the 2003 Night of Champions and the 2005 NY Professional (formerly Night of Champions).

Alex Ramirez has been assisting my contest prep from 2005 to present. My mentor in bodybuilding is Dr. Alfred K. Thomas. Dr. Thomas has shared with me great deal in bodybuilding and he also shared with me “The Easton Notion” which states: “One should not be attached to outcomes , to results but should practice “detachment” in this case with winning, taking pleasure in that which, ultimately, brings one more pleasure”.



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