Alex Ramirez has been into sports all his life from Water polo, Surfing, Baseball to bodybuilding and he is known as one of the most disciplined persons you can come across in the sport.

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My name is Sofia  Venanzetti . When I first saw Rose and Alex in the gym I was very impressed by their focus and commitment to training. I felt very inspired and motivated by them and I decided to get their help to realize my dream of competing as a Figure athlete. In just five weeks I saw my body changing dramatically. They took care of all my preparation from training and eating, to posing and tanning, and I was astonished by their endless knowledge. They made me a stronger and better person, they provided me with support,  motivation and care. They  treated me as a daughter. Alex is the Guru, he will always be the wise master who gave me the tools to realize my dreams and start my journey into the fitness industry. Rose is the Queen, she's an outstanding woman whom I admire, respect and love: no one in my life has ever believed in me like she did. They made me shine!!! 


My name is Omar Borrelli and I am a IFBB Pro living in Argentina…I cannot begin to tell you how grateful I was for the help from  Alex who was my coached for both the Tampa Pro show and the Atlantic City in 2008..He is a guy that not only trains you to be a winner but who is right there with you every step of the way. I saw my body transformed before me never like I have seen it before.  I am fortunate to have him in my corner and he will definitely be my coach  again for my shows in 2009. Could not have done it without him.

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His contest history is as follows:

Competition Photos

2002 NPC All South, Fl 1stplace master over 35 years one class
2002 NPC South Florida, FL- 1st Master over 35 yrs HW
2002 NPC South East Florida, FL- 1st Masters over 35 yrs and 2nd  Open HW
2003 NPC Southern USA Panama City, FL -3rd Master over 35yrs and 5th Open LHW
2003 NPC Tallahasse Capital City, FL- 1st   Masters over 35 yrs and 1st   Open LHW
2003 NPC Southern States, FL- 1st Masters over 35yrs HW
2003 NPC Jr. Florida States, FL-1st  Masters over 35yrs and 1st Open HW
2004 NPC Tallahassee Capital City, FL- 2nd  Masters over 35 yrs and 1st Open LHW
2004 NPC Southern States, FL- 3rd Masters over 40 yrs HW
2004 NPC Florida States -5th Masters over 40 yrs LHW
2005 NPC Southern States, Fl -2nd  Masters over 40 yrs HW
2006 NPC Northern Kentucky, OH- 1st Masters over 40 yrs and 5th Open LHW
2006 NPC West Palm Beach Anna Level, FL- 2nd Masters over 40 and 2nd Open HW
2006 NPC Southern States, FL- 3rd  Masters over 40 yrs HW
2007 NPC Sunshine Classic, FL -2nd Masters over 40 yrs and 3rd Open HW
2007 Masters national - 6th place
2008 - NPC Southern States- 2nd place
2008 - NPC Masters Nationals - 13th place




Gabriel Vengoechea – I met Alex in Januray 2007 at the gym  and after a month of watching the quality of his training and more importantly his positive spirit I decided to ask him for some tips. Very humbled and nicely without any personal interest he gave me some direction for my training. After seeing how professional he and his fiancé Rose were I asked him to train me.  I was training for twelve (12) year without  accomplishing the results I have now only training two months under his supervision. Both Alex and Rose are an inspiration to me.

Stuart Jordan- If you are looking for a professional trainer to help you reach your goals Alex Ramirez is the best.  Whether it is contest prep, gaining muscle mass or nutritional advice, he is the man for the job.  I am only one of his many success stories as he has been helping both amateur and professional athletes his entire life.  He is a professional athlete himself so he is not one of those people that is “do what I say but not what I do”.  This is a man truly dedicated to his profession.  He lives it everyday.  If you don’t want to be pushed and cared for like one of his own children don’t select him because he will push you farther than you could ever dream to be your best.  I owe all my current success to this man who is truly the guru of training.  

Tom Witt

I’m 64 years old now; I’ll never stop training! It’s a part of my life! I believe everyone would greatly benefit from the effort and experience….especially with the help of a personal trainer and coach like Alex Ramirez.

Even though I’d had several years’ training and competing before I met Alex in the fall of 2003, he has taught me so very much about technique, focus, strategy, intensity and the “fun” and teamwork of this lifetime sport…..this will always be with me. Having the guidance, experience and “eyes” of Alex is essential to maintain the quality of training that he has perfected and gained the respect of many professionals in the sport.

Alex has a passion for his work, which translates into the amazing dedication and pride he has in all his “athletes” whether in competition or for specific individual training goals. He’s the BEST! make no mistake!

Sincerely, Tom Witt

Competition history: 1st Heart of Texas 3 years, 1st Red River Oklahoma City,
1st Northern Kentucky, 2nd Greater Gulf States 2yrs, 1st Tallahassee,
3rd Masters Nationals Pittsburgh, 2nd Southern States Ft Lauderdale 2yrs)


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